Room 608


Welcome to Math Reasoning With Connections (MRWC).

The syllabus for this class is available as a PDF.

This class will be unlike any math class you have experienced. Throughout the MRWC curriculum, you will engage in collaborative mathematical activity games and explorations. These instructional activities will enable learners to examine, test, and communicate their reasoning and knowledge through collaborative efforts similar to those they are likely to encounter in college and career settings.

This class reinforces and builds on mathematical topics and skills developed in Algebra I, II, and Geometry. This class was designed by CSU and UC university professors, and follows the standards currently associated with Pre-Calculus as well as the optional standards associated with Integrated 3 math.

You will work hard in this class, and you will learn about patterns and profound mathematical concepts.

Homework is assigned occasionally. It is due the next day..

Homework Assignments

The date you see is the date the homework was assigned. It is due the next school day. Most days, I have chosen the homework assignment as practice for the concepts and skills discussed in class. If you are working without distractions, a typical assignment will take you 20 minutes.