Room 608

Integrated Math 2

Welcome to Integrated Math 2. Integrated Math 2 is the second year of the three-year high school math sequence. Passing this class is a graduation requirement.

You are expected to learn how to learn math in a collaborative process where multiple methods and representations are celebrated. You will be expected to learn through collaboration, collection of data, experimentation and conjecture.

We will use Carnegie Learning’s Mathia program to learn and track your mastery of this class’s concepts. You will have time in class to use Mathia, but probably not enough; you will also want to use it outside of class. (All the content has been written in HTML, so the program will work across all popular operating systems and browsers.)

The syllabus for this class is available as a PDF.

Homework is assigned occasionally and is due the next school day. You should check your results with your teammates before we meet to review answers in class..

Homework Assignments

The date you see is the date the homework was assigned. It is due the next school day. Most days, I have chosen the homework assignment as practice for the concepts and skills discussed in class. If you are working without distractions, a typical assignment will take you 20 minutes.