Room 408


See the syllabi for each class to understand behavior and academic expectations in that class.

Here is the general idea:

Philosophy of Room 608

  • Respect ourselves, each other, and our classroom
  • Make an honest effort, and seek help when you need it
  • Be aware at all times of what we're here for
  • We will not have any down time: bell-to-bell instruction
  • Math can and should be fun, so we'll work with LEGOs, origami, and software


Policies of Room 608

  • Arrive on time, ready to work until dismissed
  • Do assigned homework each night
  • All work will be in modified Cornell Notes style
  • Required each day: two sharp pencils, one dark-ink grading tool, textbook, spiral binder, straightedge/protractor, lined paper
  • Your parents are also responsible for your education – I will talk to them often